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Boost Trading to Launch Boost Coin


Up and coming trading app Boost Trading is planning to take the DeFi world by storm and launch it’s very first coin, Boost Coin.

In a crypto world shrouded in secrecy and extreme volatility, Boost Coin aims to stand out amongst the rest by delivering an ecosystem not commonly seen in current cryptocurrency projects.

Backed by a team of seasoned businessmen and experienced crypto developers, Boost Coin is delivering where most coins lose out. By working with industry renowned security company Certik, Boost Coin is showing the crypto world it aims to have one of the most safe and secure trading tokens on the market.

To add to that, Boost Coin will be launching it’s very own Swap, allowing it’s growing fan base an opportunity to transact right on their website ( A luxury afforded to a normally well established coin, Boost went the extra mile in ensuring their token was easy for anyone to transact.

As the project continues to grow and develop, Boost aims to give their holders a number of ways to earn money by participating in the project. Several weeks after launch, Boost Coin is set to launch its first bridge into the Binance Smart Chain. This will give Boost and it’s holders an ability to connect with new investors all over the world as Binance is the most popular trading platform in Asia.

It’s not only tech that Boost Coin aims to separate itself from the pack, it also aims to educate people on the growing world of DeFi trading. Recognizing a lack of education in the space, Boost is looking to launch an educational platform aimed at teaching new investors safe investing techniques and usage of the various platforms.

The future is bright for cryptocurrency as a whole and Boost Coin aims to be a shining star aimed at ushering new investors in. With an attention to detail unparalleled in the crypto space and an eye on educating new investors it’s safe to say Boost is a positive ambassador for crypto.

Look out for more new and exciting news coming out of the Boost camp in the coming days as they get sent to launch their token on Aug 10, 2021. This proves to be one of the most anticipated coin launches in the alt coin space.

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